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Soap Moulds' Productiong Line ( 4 steps)

                                 Step1.                                                                                   Step2.


                                                     Step4.                                                 Step3.

1. Blend the good quality Silica gel with special firming agent based on a proper percentage automatically.
2. Do the strict vacuum treatment and injection moulding process when uniform mixing process of liquid Silica               gel is finished.
3. Do the heat treatment for mould.(45℃ and 2hours heating required)
4. Pick up the well finished mould. Clean the residue on the mould, then let the mould stand 48hours, until                       mould's elasticity is stable.


1. Adopt high grade silica gel for injection mould. It is safe, soft and nontoxic, without BPA
2. No peculiar smell, excellent acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and ageing-resistant performance
3. Silica gel has superior elasticity. It is not easy to split. Very hard-wearing quality.
4. Our products are designed by Expansive mechanics.  Mould is easy unloading without overflow because of its         perfect soft performance.

Safety Instructions

1. Please don't let kids play the mould in case of swallowing it down.
2. Please clean mould completely before using it. Make sure that handmade soap made by mould can be much             smoother.
3. Please follow next two steps below for dropping the liquid:1st, drop half into mould,till cover woven, mixing           with special silica gel. 2ed, drop the left liquid into mould. Then let it stand until firming. In this way,  it can solve         the
 problem on soap surface.
4. Never use metal brush or grinding metal powder,in order to protect from surface damage
5. Never clean the mould by hard or sharp things like brush.
6. 60-100℃ hot water, ultraviolet disinfection lamp or spirit lamp can be used for moulds' disinfection during                   maintenance. Never fried mould by open fire or grease while doing heating disinfection by microwave oven.

  • Lead time: 3-5days
  • Min order: 6pcs